England’s PTA Structure and Roles
Officers of PTA include: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Parliamentarian
Executive Board include: Officers, Principal, Teacher Representatives, Council Representatives, and Standing Committee Chairs.
- Standing Committee Chairs: Executive Coordinators (Programs, Fundraising, Special Events, Communications, and Membership).
Executive Coordinators:  They are responsible for overseeing the committees that fall under their specific title. Our Executive Coordinators include: Programs, Fundraising, Special Events, Communications and Administration.  The President and Vice President oversee the programs under Administration.
Programs Executive Coordinator will be responsible for the following programs:  Reflections, Math Superstars, Teacher Appreciation, Yearbook, Spelling Bee, Healthy Lifestyles and Clothes Closet.
Fundraising Executive Coordinator will be responsible for the following programs: Fall Fundraiser, Spring Fundraiser, Spirit Events, Spirit Wear and Box Tops/Campbell Soups.
Special Events Executive Coordinator will be responsible for the following programs: International Children's Festival, Spotlight Night, Back to School Night, Field Day, and Movie Nights.
Membership Coordinator is responsible for: organizing the PTA memberships as they come in; typing the list to send to Texas PTA; working with the Treasurer to send a check and the records to Texas PTA.
Communications Coordinator will be responsible for the following programs: Website, Facebook, Homeroom Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator. 
Administrative Programs will be headed by the PTA President and Vice President.  The following programs are under Administrative:  Council Rep, SEPAC, and Site Base Representatives.
Committee Chairs - They are responsible for overseeing their specific program or event, obtaining committee members to help execute the program or event and for updating their Executive Coordinator.
Committee Members - They are responsible to help the Committee Chairs with planning programs and with various duties needed for the program.
Volunteers - They are responsible to help the Committee Chairs/Members with a specific event.  Volunteers will sign-up through our PTA website for certain dates and times to help out where needed.
Special PTA Committees:
Nominating Committee - A Nominating Committee is elected by the general membership at a regular meeting prior to the election meeting held in March.  There will be three members and one alternate elected.  The nominating committee nominates eligible persons for each officer position except for the parlimentarian which is appointed by the President.
Financial Reconciliation Committee - A Financial Reconciliation Committee (audit) is appointed by the president with the approval of the executive board at least thirty days before the last meeting of the year.  The committee will consist of at least three members and they will meet at the end of our fiscal year (July).  This committee will review our minutes and financial records and their findings will be adopted by a majority vote of the association at the first regular meeting.