Program Committees

The Committees in this section must coordinate and report their progress to the Programs Coordinator.

Clothes Closet

Clothes Closet Committee Chair: is responsible for helping out the RRISD Clothes Closet (or finding volunteers to help out at the store during our school's time slot) and hosting clothes drives at different times during the school year. Time allocated: 2 hours a month for store; 3 hours total per drive

Clothes Closet Committee Member:  Help out our Committee Chair by signing up and helping out the RRISD Clothes Closet and help the Committee Chair host clothes drives (help with pick up and drop off at the RRISD Clothes Closet) at different times during the school year.

Math Superstars 

Math Superstar Committee Chair: The Math Superstar Chair will be responsible for the following: obtaining, organizing and training the Math Superstar Graders; promoting the program through website, newsletters, flyers and posters; purchasing the prizes and reaching out to businesses for coupons/sponsorships; answering questions or concerns from parents or teachers; organizing end of year awards for the students with the most points. Time allocated: 3 hours a week

Math Superstar Graders: Math Superstars typically begins in October and runs till mid of April. Each grader must attend the Committee Chair’s meeting (or make proper arrangements) to understand how to grade the students' worksheets. The graders will be responsible to grade their assigned classrooms each week, keep track of each student’s progress and rewards.

Reflections Committee Chair: The reflections Committee Chair will be responsible for coordinating (as a lead) the following with the help of Volunteers: Promoting the program through PTA website, flyers and posters; Holding a school wie meeting to discuss what the program is about, how to fill out the forms, categories and deadlines; Collecting and displaying the works of art; gathering a judging panel(3), hosting the judges, making all necessary arrangements with the RRISD PTA Reflections program for those students that advance; organizing an awards presentation for all the students.

Teacher Appreciation
The  Teacher Appreciation Chair: will organize and facilitate all teacher appreciation events throughout the year, obtain and direct all volunteers for the event.  Time allocated: 100 hours throughout the year.
Teacher Appreciation Committee:  Assists with baking, cooking, shopping, decorating, serving, etc. 

The Yearbook Committee Chair: is responsible for obtaining and training/directing the Yearbook Photographers and Sales and Marketing members, obtaining the yearbook publisher, getting the contract signed by PTA President, the layout and coordination of the yearbook, promoting the sales of the yearbook through the PTA website, PTA newsletter, flyers, and 

Photographers: Take pictures around school of assigned events and submit photos to be considered for the school yearbook.
Fundraising Committees
The Committees in this section must coordinate and report their progress to the Fundraising Coordinator.
Fall Fundraiser
Fall Donation Committee Chair: The Fall Donation Committee Chair is responsible for:  organizing the fall donation drive.  The chair’s role will be creating (with guidance from our Executive Board and help of a committee) the theme and flyers, helping the Treasurer to keep track of the donations, writing the student's name on the Recognition Wall, helping to keep track of class and grade level competitions, and help with the prizes that our students will receive when we reach various goals. Time allocated: 3 to 4 hours in setting up the program with the Executive Board;   2 to 3 hours a day once the drive begins at max and work can be designated to members of the committee to reduce the amount of time on the chair.
Fall Donation Committee Member: 
Responsible for: helping out with making copies, help keeping track of competitions, helping write kid’s name on a recognition wall, etc.
Spirit Events 
The Spirit Events Chair: is responsible for obtaining and organizing events / family nights throughout the year at local restaurants or businesses. Note: This program does not require “committee members”, however; the chair can obtain a co-chair or committee members to help facilitate the events. Time allocated: 3 to 4 hours per week                                                                                                               
Spirit Wear
Spirit Wear Committee Chair: is responsible for coming up with the t-shirt design, working with a t-shirt company to make them, check inventory, update flyers with the current information, sell t-shirts at different events throughout the school year, distributing t-shirts to students and staff, answering questions or concerns on a timely basis.  Time allocated: 6 hours in summer getting design and meeting with printer, 10 hours total at events selling shirts.
Special Events Committees
The Committees in this section must coordinate and report their progress to the Special Events Coordinator.
International Children's Festival The International Children's Fair Committee Chair will be responsible to Plan, Promote, and Coordinate as lead(with volunteers) a special week-long International Children's Festival Event promoting cultural exploration. Classrooms will be receiving a country to research during the week and then will set up a booth to "show off" what they have learned. We will be relying on and encouraging parent/grand parent/relatives/friends involvment with this exciting event.
Spotlight Night: Organize a team of volunteers to create a fun night of activities in late Spring that includes an open house to showcase students' work.  Contact & secure business sponsors and food vendors for the event.  Coordinate with the Principal, PTA President, Fundraising Chair, & others to determine all the activities for the night.  Create and distribute all advertisement for the event.  Time allocated: 15 hours
Communication Committees
The Committees in this section must coordinate and report their progress to the Communications Coordinator.
Homeroom Parent    
Homeroom Parent Coordinator: The Homeroom Parent Coordinator is responsible for: organizing and training (holding a meeting) all homeroom parents; sending out e-mails to remind homeroom parents of their responsibilities; answering questions on a timely basis. Time allocated: about 20 hours per year.


Homeroom Parent:  Responsible for: organizing and throwing three parties a year, coordinating Teacher Appreciation on certain days within the official “Teacher Appreciation” week, working closely with teacher and organizing volunteers for the classroom; taking pictures during the school year of the class for the yearbook; and, other duties assigned by the Homeroom Parent Coordinator.

Volunteer Coordinator: The Volunteer Coordinator organizes and creates all on-line sign ups on the PTA website; sends out e-blast and e-mails to remind England parents to volunteer for an event; answers questions or concerns from parents, board, teachers or others on a timely basis. Time allocated: 6 hours
Website Coordinator: The Website Coordinator updates all information on our PTA website.  Time allocated: 40 hours
Administrative Committees
The Committees in this section must coordinate and report their progress to the PTA President and VP.


The Membership Coordinator: is responsible for creating a membership campaign to promote PTA, organize the PTA memberships as they come in; typing the list to send to Texas PTA; working with the Treasurer to send a check and the records to Texas PTA. Time allocated: 95% is at the beginning of the school year – 30 hours.
Membership Committee Member: helps create and implement the membership campaign.
Council Representative: The Council Representative attends the RRISD Council PTA’s meetings (five a year) and updates the Executive Board with discussion points from those meetings. The Council Representative will attend the monthly Executive Board meetings (once a month). Time allocated: 10 hours

SEPAC Representative:  is responsible to attend a monthly meeting for all district representatives (third Tuesday of each month) to advocate for the disable students (physical, mental, social and learning).  As a representative you might be selected to be a part of the advisory council with the superintendent and the directors of special education at RRISD. 

Site Base Representatives: (2 Reps per year) Attend monthly meetings at the school submit a report to the monthly Executive Board meetings.  Time allocated: 9 meetings - 1 to 11/2 hours per meeting.