Want to be an Officer?
Anyone can be elected as one of the Officers.  The only requirement is that you become a PTA member prior to taking an office.  The nominating committee will begin looking for future officers every January.  Our elections are held in March.  If there is more than one nominee for an office, the election process will be by ballot, otherwise it will be done by voice vote.  If you are interested about one of the officer positions, please contact the current officer in your desired position.
See description of Officer Responsibilities here.
Want to be an Executive Coordinator?
Anyone can become an Executive Coordinator.  Our Executive Coordinators will be responsible for leading and supporting the Standing Committee Chairs under their specific Standing Committees.  You just need to contact one of the coordinators and let them know you are interested.
The Program Executive Coordinator will be responsible for the following programs/events: 
  • Clothes Closet                                 
  • Math Rovers
  • Reflections
  • School Packs
  • Spelling Bee
  • Teacher Appreciation
  • Yearbook
The Fundraiser Executive Coordinator will be responsible for the following programs/events: 
  • Box Tops/ Amazon Smiles
  • Spirit Events
  • Spirit Wear
  • Spring Fundraiser
The Special Events Executive Coordinator will be responsible for the following programs/events:
  • Back to School Night
  • Field Day
  • International Children's Week
  • Movie Night
  • Gallery Night
The Communications Executive Coordinator will be responsible for the following programs/events:
  • PTA Facebook Page
  • Website
  • Homeroom Parent
Want to become a Committee Chair?
Committee Chairs are one of the most important roles within the PTA because without a chair, the program or event will not be offered by the PTA unless a committee chair is found.
Anyone can be a committee chair - doesn't matter if you've never been involved with the PTA before or you've been a supporter throughout your child's years in elementary school.  It's a fun way to get your feet wet and get involved with your child's school.  All you need to do is find a program or event that is interesting and contact one of the officers or an Executive Coordinator.
After the elections are held in March, the officers will begin to start looking for chairs for our open programs.  Per our bylaws, committee chairs are allowed to serve in their designated roles for up to two years (if they choose).  The officers will be sending out e-news, flyer's and also use "word of mouth" to find potential committee chairs.
Want to be a Committee Member?
A committee member is a person who would like to become a part of a program or event, just not be responsible for leading it. Committee Members work along side our Committee Chairs to make our programs or events successful.
If you are interested in becoming a Committee Member, please review our list of programs and events and contact the Committee Chair, Executive Coordinator or one of our officers. Anyone of these people would be happy to direct you to the right person.
Find out other ways to help.
There are numerous ways for you to help out in the school:
  1. Check out our PTA website under the Volunteer tab. We will always post various programs or events in which we need volunteer support. Just sign up for a specific date and time!
  2. Like us on our Facebook Page to get updates on events.
  3. Look for e-news in your e-mail. E-news is a great way to know what is going on at school and where volunteers are needed.
  4. Check with your Homeroom Parent to see about the different ways you can get involved in your child's classroom.
  5. Check out our PTA website under PTA Programs and PTA Special Events - all your favorite programs and events are just a click away, we will always have a place for you to send an e-mail to the Committee Chair or an Officer to ask about volunteering!