What is the Reflections Program?

Reflections is a way for students to explore and learn about various art forms. The Reflections Program provides opportunities for students to express themselves creatively and to receive positive recognition for original works of art inspired by a pre-selected theme. In addition, it helps bring awareness about the importance of the arts in education.

The purpose of this program is to provide an opportunity for students to use their creative talents by expressing themselves through their original works. Inspiring creativity and nurturing critical thinking skills allows students to connect with their community while exposing the need for arts in education. This program allows students to participate in a National Contest organized through the school PTA.

There are six categories

  • General Rules
  • Dance Choreography                
  • Film Production             
  • Literature          
  • Music Composition     
  • Photography   
  • Visual Arts

Important Information please read

1. Students may enter the Reflections program in one or more arts categories. There is no limit to the number of entries in a single category.

2. All art forms must be original and completed entirely by the student. Please see EEE PTA @reflection for entry forms and guidelines. Please read carefully and follow all rules to avoid disqualification.

3. The artwork is submitted and judged for the opportunity to compete at regional and state levels.

4. All participants will be recognized and celebrated for their work

Have a question?

Contact: e5reflections2020@gmail.com

P.S.: Please note a change in National PTA requirement - At least one parent must be a PTA member for your student to take part in the Reflections program.