Does your company offer Volunteer Grants?? Volunteer Grants are charitable gifts given by corporations in recognition of volunteer work being done by the company's employees. Ask your HR department to see if these grants are offered by your employer. Here are some companies who offer volunteer grants - it's a great way to contribute even more to your favorite organizations, like England PTA!

AMD VOLUNTEER GRANT PROGRAM: Employees or their spouses can earn $15 per hour (10 hour minimum) for the organization they volunteer for through AMD Community Corps Connect!

APPLE VOLUNTEER GRANT PROGRAM: Employees earn $25 per hour for the organization at which they volunteer. Log in through the company's online giving portal.

DELL VOLUNTEER GRANT PROGRAM: For every 10 hours that Dell employees volunteer, they're eligible to allocate a $150 donation towards any 501(c)3 organization!

eBAY VOLUNTEER GRANT PROGRAM: Earn up to $500 for the organization based on a sliding scale for the number of hours volunteered!

BANK OF AMERICA VOLUNTEER GRANTS: For 50 hours of volunteer time within a calendar year, Bank of America Charitable Foundation will give a $250 grant.

GOOGLE VOLUNTEER GRANTS: Earn a $50 grant for your organization for every 5 hours of employee volunteering.

IBM VOLUNTEER GRANTS: IBM employees and retirees are eligible for up to $3,500 in technology grants or $1000 in cash awards a year for organizations where they regularly volunteer. Employees must volunteer for a minimum of 8 hours a month for five months. Volunteers should log their hours electronically through the the company's "On Demand Community."

MICROSOFT VOLUNTEER GRANTS: Employees earn $25 per hour for the organization at which they volunteer (4 hour minimum). Log in through the company's online giving portal to register your hours.